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Tiles & Slabs: Xiamen Pansheng Stone is committed to excellence in quality , craftmanship and service . We offer stone granite/marble tiles for flooring , standard sizes such as 30cmx30cm(12"x12"),60cmx30cm(24""x12"),40cmx40cm ect , thickness could be 1cm 2cm 3cm or according to your projects's requirements . if you need the tiles for interier , then we can make polish , hone surface. On the other hand , if it is an outdoor projects , then flame , sandblasted will be wise choice . For stone slabs , we supply big stone slab and half stone slab. Big stone slab--120up*240up*2/3cm , half stone slab 120up*60up*2/3cm At Wanjiali Stone , we offer a wide selection of stone granite , granite and marbles , both domestic in China and imported stones , please talk to us about your projects , please give our service a try , thank you . Stone slab has been used for decades as a cladding material for skyscrapers, office buildings and other commercial facades. Today, stone slab is the most popular solid surface countertop choice in residential kitchens and baths. Stone slab is available in all types of material including granite, stone granite,marble, limestone, travertine, and even slate. Granite slab is most commonly used on kitchen granite countertops while the others can be used in bathroom granite vanities, office desks, transaction tops and other applications. Marble Slab is most commonly used on kitchen marble countertops while the others can be used in bathroom marble vanities, island tops,office desks, transaction tops and other applications Like any stone application, it is important to choose the correct product and to develop a maintenance program to insure the beauty and durability of your investment.

Tiles & Slabs,granite slabs one part of our main products , are used for projects and fabricating countertops and vanity tops

Pansheng are the leading Chinese Stone supplier for Tiles & Slabs, We has been exported to all over the world.

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Antique Brown Granite Slab
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aurora india Granite Slab
NO : PGS1    Enquire     
emerald pearl Granite Slab
NO : PGS10    Enquire     

G439 Granite Slab
NO : PGS11    Enquire     
G603 Granite Slab
NO : PGS12    Enquire     
G623 Granite Slab
NO : PGS13    Enquire     

G654 Granite Slab
NO : PGS14    Enquire     
G664 Granite Slab
NO : PGS15    Enquire     
G681 Granite Slab
NO : PGS16    Enquire     

G682 Granite Slab
NO : PGS17    Enquire     
G687 Granite Slab
NO : PGS18    Enquire     
Giallo California Granite Slab
NO : PGS19    Enquire     

Baltic Brown Granite Slab
NO : PGS2    Enquire     
giallo cecilia Granite Slab
NO : PGS20    Enquire     
Giallo Fiorito Granite Slab
NO : PGS21    Enquire     

India Blue Granite Slab
NO : PGS22    Enquire     
Ivory gold Granite Slab
NO : PGS23    Enquire     
Ivory Indian Granite Slab
NO : PGS24    Enquire     

Jerusalem Gold Granite Slab
NO : PGS25    Enquire     
Juparana Bordeaux Granite Slab
NO : PGS26    Enquire     
juparana colombo Granite Slab
NO : PGS27    Enquire     

Juparana Florenca Granite Slab
NO : PGS28    Enquire     
Kashimire White Granite Slab
NO : PGS29    Enquire     
Black pearl Granite Slab
NO : PGS3    Enquire     

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granite slabs one part of our main products , are used for projects and fabricating countertops and vanity tops
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